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Our Menu

Hot Entrée's

chicken parmigiana over spaghetti
Shepherds Pie $10.99/LB
Beef Burgundy $11.99/LB

(Seafood, Sausage or Spinach & Prosciutto)


Hot Side Dishes

asparagus dish on white plate


Asparagus $7.99/LB



Rice and Pasta



Vegetable Platter

An assortment of only the freshest seasonal vegetables, served with your choice of Petty's famous dips.
$54.99 (15 - 20 people) $64.99 (25 - 30 people)

Fruit Platter

Fresh seasonal fruit served in bite size pieces with homemade fruit dip.
$54.99 (15-20 people) $74.99 (25-30 people)

Deluxe Sandwich Platter

White Kaisers, Onion rolls, Assorted Sliced Breads & gourmet wraps are stuffed with Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey and cheese then cut in half and arranged on a platter for your delight. Mayonnaise and Boar's Head mustard included.
$79.99 (10-15 people) $154.99 (20-25 people) $229.99 (30-35 people)

Petty's Assorted Dip Platter

Our famous spinach, fantastic garlic, red onion and country vegetable dips along with a Petty's special cheeseball make the perfect platter. Chips and crackers make it a party centerpiece.
$54.99 (25-30 people)

Fresh Fruit & Cheese Tray

Our fruit and cheese trays are as pretty as a picture! The freshest selection of seasonal fruits are selected to accompany our gourmet selection of cheeses.
$55.99 (15-20 people) $69.99 (25-30 people)

7 Layer Dip

This tasty tray is a big hit for any party!! Served with tortilla chips.
$49.99 (15-20 people) $59.99 (25-30 people)

Antipasta Platter

An assortment of Italian delights that includes marinated olives, pepperoncini calamata olives, pepper shoots, provolone cheese, salami coronets, and roasted red peppers.
$69.99 (15-20 people)

Steamed Shrimp Platter

Seasoned, cooked shrimp, peeled and deveined, served with cocktail sauce.
$89.99 (20-30 people) $109.99 (30-40 people)

Smoked Chilean Salmon Platter

Smoked Chilean Salmon with cream cheese, red onions, chopped eggs, and capers. Served with sliced sourdough bread.
Market Price (15-20 people) Market Price (25-30 people)

Sashimi Tuna Platter

Pan-seared tuna, served with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce.
Market Price (15-20 people)

Charcuterie Boards

Our customizable Charcuterie Boards are made to order and are available to fit any budget. Let us bring the wow factor to your next event. $100 Minimum


We make homemade quiches to suit your occasion. Each quiche is filled with an assortment of our special fillings and cooked in a flaky crust.
$15.99 Each

Meat & Cheese Combination Platter

The finest sliced meats & cheeses, served with mayonnaise and Boar's Head mustard.
$74.99 (15-20 people) $94.99 (25-30 people)

Petty's Mini Sandwich Platter

Your choice of Roast Beef, Ham and Turkey cocktail sandwiches served with cheese. Mayonnaise and Boar's Head mustard included.
$69.99 (10-15 people) $134.99 (25-30 people) $199.99 (30-35 people)

Deluxe Vegetable Platter

Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes, Broccoli, Green Beans, Carrots and Roasted Peppers quickly blanched for optimum flavor served with our fantastic garlic dip.
$64.99 (25-30 people)

Cheese Ball Platter

Petty's special cheese ball served with Gourmet sliced cheese and gourmet crackers .
$39.99 double ball (15-20 people) $44.99 triple ball (25-30 people)

Cheese Platter

An assortment of domestic & imported cheeses, served chunked or sliced. .
$54.99 (15-20 people) $74.99 (25-30 people)

Meat Platter

The finest sliced Boar's Head meats served with mayonnaise and Boar's Head mustard. .
$74.99 (15-20 people) $94.99 (25-30 people)

Spinach Bread Platter

A Sourdough Boule filled with Petty's homemade Spinach Dip and served with crackers and bread. .
$39.99 (10-15 people)

Spicy or Original Chicken Fingers

Boneless spicy or lightly seasoned chicken fingers, served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks.
$79.99 (25-30 people)

Deviled Eggs

Farm-fresh eggs are stuffed with our famous deviled egg mixture and topped with olive slices.
$44.99 Small (50 pieces) $69.99 Large (100 pieces)

Baked Brie

Brie wrapped in puff pastry and baked to a golden brown. Served with sliced sourdough bread.
$74.99 (15-20 people) $104.99 Large (20-40 people)

Tenderloin Platter

A whole filet mignon is season to perfection then slow roasted to bring rave reviews from all your guests. The tenderloin is cut and arranged beautifully on a platter or left whole upon request. Served with our famous Horseradish Sauce.
Market Price


caesar salad with croutons in a bowl
Caesar Salad $27.99 (8-10 person) $53.99 (15-20 person)
$27.99 (8-10 person) $53.99 (15-20 person)
Garden Salad $23.99 (8-10 person) $43.99 (15-20 person)
$23.99 (8-10 person) $43.99 (15-20 person)
Greek Salad $33.99 (8-10 person) $53.99 (15-20 person)

Comes with Choice of Salad Dressings.

$33.99 (8-10 person) $53.99 (15-20 person)


Setups $1.29 ea

Includes plates, forks, Knives and napkins.

$1.29 ea


piece of brownie drizzled with chocolate sauce
Fruits and Sweets $44.99 (10-15 people) $69.99 (20-30 people)

A combination of fresh seasonal fruits along with a selection of bite size desserts. Something for everyone.

$44.99 (10-15 people) $69.99 (20-30 people)
Dessert Platter $44.99 (small) $69.99 (large)

This sinful delight is certain to tempt any sweeth tooth. Mini Cannoli's, Brownies and other Gourmet Offerings.

$44.99 (small) $69.99 (large)
Cookie Platter $23.99 (2 Doz) $33.99 (3 Doz) $43.99 (4 Doz)

A Variety of Fresh Baked Cookies Plattered. Who can resist?!

$23.99 (2 Doz) $33.99 (3 Doz) $43.99 (4 Doz)
Mini Cheesecake Tray $39.99 (25 piece) $74.99 (50 piece)

Mini Cheesecake Tray Assorted flavors of all our finest cheese cakes served in bite size portions

$39.99 (25 piece) $74.99 (50 piece)

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